Energy Efficiency


How energy efficient glass saves you money:
According to electricity companies, a whopping 60% of the average monthly home electricity bill is for air-conditioning and heat UV Protection for your furnishings and art.
We all know the damaging effect the sun’s rays can have on costly window treatments and furnishings. Consider the damage done to your works of art. As energy efficient glass reflects the sun’s rays away from the window, it’s not only cooling your rooms, it’s also protecting your home’s valuable contents.

Noise reduction.
Our products are STC-rated, and we are an industry leader with double thickness glass. This aids in significant noise reduction.

Make a positive impact on the environment.
As concerns grow about human impact on the environment, you can do your bit towards creating a greener future by making small changes in your day-to-day living. Installing Low-E windows and doors is a good place to start..

Our windows are Designed for replacement, remodeling and new construction projects; they feature energy-efficient windows that qualify for federal tax credits, come with ENERGY STAR® ratings, and offer unsurpassed wood-like beauty.

They meet the demand for customers looking for clean, sleek, aesthetically pleasing windows with the strength and energy efficiency of vinyl. That includes single hung, double hung, horizontal roller, picture/fixed lite architectural and combination windows, and feature a front flange on all products.

Our windows deliver the following standard features: double-strength insulating glass, high-performance Low-E glass (argon gas optional), and Super Spacer technology. As a proud partner of the US Department of Energy’s ENERGY STAR® program, all standard  products are ENERGY STAR compliant.