Replacement Windows—Choosing The Best Replacement Window For Your Home

replacement windows options

Homeowners have a variety of Replacement Windows options when they seek to revamp their home windows. With the heat of summer closing in on us, it’s important to look at ways to potentially reduce the exorbitant costs the summer time heat causes as much as possible. Old, leaky windows significantly contribute to the lofty numbers on your summertime utility bill.

replacement windows options

Why consider replacement windows?

Investing in replacement windows reaps several benefits. By installing energy-efficient windows, a homeowner can significantly reduce the number of hours their furnace and air conditioner run, greatly reducing their utility bills. Beyond the utility savings, the right replacement windows can add considerable value to your home. Conversely, the wrong decision can cost you considerable money.  It is critical to identify and hire the right professionals for the job in order to give you the optimum home renovation. It is also important to carefully weigh your options when it comes to choosing the best replacement window type for your home. Three factors to consider when upgrading windows are strength, thermal efficiency, and aesthetics



Frame Material:

  • Vinyl
  • Pros: maintenance free, long-lasting, energy efficient
  • Cons: limited color selections
  • Aluminum
  • Pros: light weight, color flexibility
  • Cons: the least energy efficient, shortest warranties
  • Wood
  • Pros: beautiful in appearance, strong construction
  • C0ns: suspect to wood rot and moisture penetration, expensive, upkeep
  • Fiber-glass
  • Pros: energy efficient, color flexibility
  • Cons: very expensive

Thermal EfficiencyEnergy Star graphic data chart showing replacement window monetary savings

Energy efficient windows can substantially reduce costs associated with heating and cooling as well as reducing the load during peak heating and cooling periods. This results in significant savings in utility bills.

In order to level the playing field and negate the variations that accompany window replacement, two distinct measurements should be taken into consideration:


  • U-Factor-The lower the U-factor, the greater a window’s resistance to heat flow and the better its insulating properties.
  • Solat Heat Gain Coefficient-The resistance of the window to heat conduction through radiant heat

Aesthetic Appearance


The right replacement windows can add significant value to your home. New windows can add curb appeal and increase the beauty of your home.

  • single hung (only the bottom part of the window opens)
  • double hung (both the bottom and the top part of the window open)
  • grids (internal or external design in/on the glass)


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