Homes and Business are both a labor of love, and a big investment.

Curb appeal is such a big part of the perceived value of your home or business, and one of the easiest ways to upgrade your structure’s curb appeal and ensure your investment is a siding makeover! City Exteriors has all of the quality Composite Siding products you’ll need to transform the appearance of your structure and drastically reduce the need to paint, stain, or maintain it.  We install siding into the studs for a long-lasting, tough as nails exterior for the perfect worry-free upgrade!

Composite siding is made out of a combination of materials and resins, depending on the exact type and product. Vinyl siding is a great example of composite siding, which is the most commonly used kind in North America. Our insulated siding can provide a 20% energy savings every year, so it’s a great addition to your investment!

It’s strong, good for weatherproofing, great looking, and saves you money on your energy bill!