Hardie Siding – Fiber Cement

Fiber Cement Siding is a composite of sand, wood fibers (cellulose), and cement. It can be extremely versatile, strong, and long-lasting.


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James Hardie siding is a high-quality, industry standard fiber cement siding product manufacturer. James Hardie is one of the most respected siding brands in the building products industry and City Exteriors is proud to be designated as a Preferred Remodeler by James Hardie.

Incredibly, this siding is resistant to virtually any concern that you may have including: hurricane-force winds, cracking, splitting, swelling, de-laminating, rotting, brutal heat, and flame spread.
City Exteriors also offers James Hardie Weather Barrier and their trademarked ColorPlus technology. Weather Barrier technology prevents outside water from entering the wall cavity, and it even assists with releasing water vapor from inside the structure that might damage the wall cavity. ColorPlus technology is special UV color-protectant coating that promises to make the beautiful product that was installed to you structure stay just as beautiful and vibrant for years to come without the hassle of extra maintenance! These products are good for you house or business inside and out, and when applied by the skilled installers we have here at City Exteriors, they will really make your structure shine!