Wood & Engineered Wood



Wood siding is a popular style of siding that is rich, intricate, and adds spectacular detail to any structure it’s applied to.

City Exteriors uses top quality wood siding products like cedar and redwood logs, straight edge shingle, vertical board, wood shake, and more – as well as highly skilled installers to give your home or business the aesthetic you’re looking for.

Wood siding is a gorgeous style choice, and with some maintenance (painting, staining, or other treatment to protect the wood from the weather and pests) it’s robust and lasting. We at City Exteriors pride ourselves on our customer service, so we’re happy to answer any questions, give tips and instructions, and help you with any maintenance that may need to be done in the future. That, combined with on of our great warranties, means that your wood siding will stay well taken care of and looking beautiful.

City Exteriors offers a stock of Engineered Wood options as well, allowing for the aesthetic of wood without as much maintenance such as LP SmartSide Siding and DuraTemp Plywood Siding.
The LP SmartSide® product line features a variety siding solutions including lap, shakes, and panel. They take real wood and, using their patented SmartGuard™ process, they re-engineer it to have an end result that is much more usable (no knots or splits in the wood to work around), and  more durable by preventing de-lamination, moisture, rot, and termite damage.
LP SmartSide siding products are a great alternative to wood for all of its faults, while still delivering an authentic wood look and feel. LP SmartSide comes pre-primed for painting the color of your choice, so ask us about painting- we’d be happy to help you start to finish!
DuraTemp siding products are plywood siding with a 1/8″ Douglas Fir wood composite face engineered and manufactured  by Roseburg Real Wood Siding.  It has the look and feel of natural cedar, but it comes with the benefit of being strong enough to endure even the roughest treatment without splitting or cracking.  DuraTemp siding products are made with a completely water resistant phenolic resin, making it a well-rounded and weather-proof product! T1-11 Wood Siding is a specific product offered by DuraTemp that’s both economical and no-fuss! A single sheet of material (plywood or oriented strand board) gives the look of individual boards for an easy, consistent application that looks great!