Wood siding- For the new life of House which Lasts Long

You know you are lucky if you have wood siding on your house because it looks traditional and suits the way you are; royal, but if you don’t have then change  your old vinyl siding now because it takes a lot of maintenance. How can a person choose vinyl siding even after having a choice of wood? If you have some confusions then let me clear it first there is a lot difference between wood sidings and other sidings like differences in economic values, maintaining values and life values because wood siding comes in different styles and with different uses: –

Different styles and type of wood siding

Clapboard– clapboard style siding have joined wooden claps to form a wall with a tough look

Dolly Varden– Dolly Varden looks like clapboard but have different mechanism; it creates a bond with the v joint which gives it more strength.

wood siding

Bevel- bevel style has even tougher looks, but it is not actually that tough. It forms a wall by sticking horizontally and creates a classy look.

Tongue-and-groove– doubly stick wooden clap plus K locking system to hold the sturdy ever wall which cannot be broken at any cost (terms and condition applies)

Shiplap– dual clap, non- diagonal shape, fully stuffed streak of wood which holds the smartest look of all the time.

Chaneel rustio– double heavy wooden finished clog glued with adhesive to give the feel of traditional bond and weight age.

Rustic vee- Hollow space in between clog’s to look like weighted but actually insignificant or light in weight for show off.

Board and batten- board and batten give more significance to strength in comparison to design. It has horizontal and vertical plates which sticks together to form a wall.

wood siding

Plywood- Simply a plate of wood with slots and area of holding the wall to have a perfect look

These are the different kinds and styles of the wooden siding which you can compare with others and decide what you want? If it’s still confusion, then let me tell you about the maintenance.

Benefits and maintenance

Paint- like other sidings wooden doesn’t need quarterly or half yearly paint or repair. A wood can always be wood it doesn’t need proper systematic care.

Weather resistance- As compared to wood it didn’t need cover or care from brutal changes or cover from the weather. It is strong and can tolerate any behavior, any time.

Life – Wood have much longer life than any other siding material will ever have because it is natural and external primers make it even stronger by providing protection from termite etc

Economy– it is more economical than any other material because take no further process which increases the cost.

So that’s all for now I hope this comparison and maintenance will help you in the future for making decisions, because sometimes situation changes and right decision become wrong so think twice before getting into a conclusion.

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